A little arcade shmup game with indirect controls.

In A-Steroids, you play the famous arcade game "Asteroids"... Except you can't directly control the ship ! Instead, you control a lil dude that will press buttons to move the ship. The layout changes every 20 seconds, and sometimes colors are swapped to confuse you even more. Will you manage to survive ?


— Arrow keys to move.
— X to jump.
— C to get the box, release to throw/drop it.

Additional notes

My entry for LISAA School's jam #17.
Made using kdx's LZY, web build powered by emscripten. Barely everything was made under 48 hours, except the menus and the audio.
Thanks to Sinj and Moreel for their suggestions.

Thanks to OKAYXAIREN for her fabulous music, Instant Ramen!

Development log

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