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Ida is lost, Ida is scared ! Ida wants PANCAKES !

Help Ida, a lonely witch, to escape the slimy caves. But that isn't gonna to be easy, the grotto is litteraly infested with some strange and dangerous monsters ! And, oops,  Ida's afraid of monster !

Shoot and make your way trought 9 levels with progressive mechanics. Manage and take care of Ida's anxiety level. The more she's stressed, the more she's fall ! Collect orange bonus to calm her and avoid purple malus that give her more anxiety ! You have only 4 lives per screen, so take care of her ! She's like an human, so strong but so fragile...

If the game is windows is too small for you, you can expand the windows and it will resize the game ! :3


  • Arrows key or WASD/ZQSD to move
  • Left clic to shoot
  • Cheat – Press R for reset the level
  • Cheat – Press N for skip the level
  • Good luck !

AboutThe game was made for the GameMaket Toolkit game jam 2020. It was created under 48 hours (at the start I thinked i've 1 week to make the game, oof !). It's my first game jam, so I didn't manage my time properly. I didn't enterly playtested my game, so please report any issues !

I use musics from the website www.soundimage.org, sources are on the title screen. I made all the code and the art. Thanks to those who helped me ! It's my second game with GMS2, so I didn't know all the tips and tricks. Sorry for my bad english too, I'm french x)

Thanks to you all, playtesters and players ! :)


ida's_anxiety_game_jam.zip 3 MB

Install instructions

Just download and extract the game, and enjoy.

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