Help this cute spermatozoon to show who is the strongest here!

Who will be the first to reach the egg, and become the MEGAZOON ?  Maybe you ?
Megazoon is a shoot'em up made for the 48th Ludum Dare. In this game, you play as a little spermatozoon who goes deeper and deeper to find the holy egg and become the legendary Megazoon.

But they're some strange microbials and other boring concurrent in the way. Anyway, take a gun, and SHOOT ! (wait how you're supposed to have a gun with you ?)

You can start with 20, 10, 5, 3 or 1 lifes (if you're masochist, duh). Try to complete the 14 levels without dying, and make the best score !


Keyboard :

- moving : arrow keys/OKL + M or [;] (depending of your keyboard layout)
- shooting : (because yeah, it's a shmup) X or D

You can also use a controller ! but I didn't tested because I don't have money :(

Source code and boring stuff :

I didn't tested the windows binaries so please report any error and I will (maybe) patch it. Thanks in advance !

Credits are currently in the README of the sources. TODO


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